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We offer a stage roof hire, size 14,5m x 12,5m. A pitched roof covered with a black tarpaulin. The QUADROSYSTEM construction is highly aesthetic and modern-looking, which ensures visual satisfaction during the concert, both for the audience and the artists.

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Stage platforms

Module-based platforms for building stages, size 1m x 2m, made on aluminum profiles and covered with anti-slip plywood. Easy and quick to mount. They can also be used as catwalks during fashion shows or as stages in theatres, conference rooms, etc. We offer both hire and production.

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We own a universal Layher construction system (stages, PA-Tower, FOH-Tower, scaffolds, movable platforms). Our services include putting up scaffold towers for advertising, large size screens and platforms as well as suspending heavy objects. We carry out various projects.

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Curtains have the function of screening and noise suppression. They can be used for dividing large halls or hiding unattractive objects. Our curtains are flame resistant.

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Electric hoists are an essential part of every professional concert installation. Used for suspending equipment, they provide an aesthetic look as well as huge possibilities of designing.

We own:

  • chain hoists Lodestar, 250kilos - 1000kg, 4m/min,
  • rope hoists (80m) hoisting capacity 150kilos. Vertical transport.
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Safety barriers

Safety barriers are necessary while organizing various types of open-air events. They guarantee safety for both artists and audience

We own:

  • light barriers 2 lm x 1,20m (a fence with poles),
  • heavy barriers 1 lm x 1,40m (cast front + a step for security guards),
  • high fences 3,50 x 2m
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If you are organizing a company meeting or a concert we can arrange a place where your guests can leave their clothes.

We offer:

  • hangers (up to a few thousand),
  • cloak-room service,
  • production of hangers on order.
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Cloakrooms for artists

We offer portable (mobile) cloakrooms for artists, useful during concerts or open-air events.

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We offer professional rigging services from the preliminary planning, preparing projects, cost estimates to project implementation. Our specialization in this field ensure high quality services.

We rent rigging equipment – belts, steel lines, shackles, regulatory chains and many others.

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Rigger Concert Crew

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